Gangway EasyWay 215

EasyWay is a gangway completely made of carbon fiber, with the ‘Oneshot’ method that allows to obtain a monolithic structure without bonding. High quality raw materials such as aerospace grade pre-preg are used for the production, which, through autoclave polymerization processes, guarantee maximum performance. 

The inserts and hinges are made of marine stainless steel (AISI 316L), to offer maximum corrosion resistance. The EasyWay walkway stands out for its hollow carbon structure, which makes it incredibly lightweight, performing and able to float. Thanks to this innovative feature, it not only offers superior performance, but also significant fuel savings, since its low weight does not burden the boat.

EW215 is recommended for sailing and motor boats from 22 to 36 feet.


Article DSizemensioni Weight Av. Colors
  • EasyWay 215 available in folding or monocoque version;
  • Length 2150  mm

  • Width 40 mm

  • Monocoque: approx. 6,5 Kg

  • Folding: approx.7 Kg

  • Standard Carbon look finish with non-slip white footfall
Accessories Optional
  • Polished naval-grade stainless steel hinges AISI 316L;
  • Standard Kiwi Grip paint in white color;
  • Balance beam with on-board fastening pin;
  • Naval-grade stainless steel eye bolts AISI 316L for trapeze;
  • TEFLON wheels on the quay side.
  • On-board fixing bushing in polished naval AISI 316L stainless steel;
  • On-board fixing bushing in polished naval AISI 316L stainless steel with adjustable inclination +30° -30°;
  • Double or single fixing pin;
  • Trapeze with carbon bar and Dyneema lines;
  • Handrail with carbon stanchions and dyneema lines;
  • Custom paintwork to customer ral request;
  • Teak or extra light synthetic decking;
  • Folding gangway bag.
Product sheet

Gangway EasyWay 215


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